Construction and Assembly Work

Construction and assembly work comprises multitude of operations performed in the course of erection of buildings and facilities, as well as installation of utility systems and equipment required for the operation of the facility. The process of construction includes all organizational, surveying, erection, assembly and commissioning operations. Construction and assembly work requires observing strict sequence of operations and following production processes, as well as use of sound and time-tested materials, modern equipment and professional tools.
ASK OBLIK, OJSC, has accumulated vast experience in conducting construction and assembly work based on the use of up-to-date production processes, materials and equipment, ensuring shortest terms of facility completion, optimal results and 100% guarantee of high quality.

Types of Construction Operations:

  • Site preparation.
  • Foundation work.
  • Wall and floor construction.
  • Roofing.
  • Installation and adjustment of engineering equipment.

Main Areas of Activity:

  • Low-rise construction of country houses and cottages.
  • Integrated refurbishment (renovation) of buildings and facilities.
  • Erection of metal structures.
  • Installation of inner and outer engineering systems.

Construction and assembly work requires employment of skilled specialists. Doing this, we obtain quality and reliable results, meet production deadlines, ensure compliance with Construction rules and regulations (SniP) and eliminate unreasonable extra costs.