Design and architecture

Creating an individual design or choosing a standard design is an initial stage in construction of any building or facility. This stage is significant as reliability of final result will depend on the efficiency of design solutions. Design lays the basis of future construction of buildings and facilities. It comprises a full range of work creating a uniform system of architectural, engineering and construction solutions, as well as technology solutions. Quality of performed work shall determine the lifetime of erected facility as well as its safety and operational reliability.
Qualified architects and designers of ASK OBLIK are performing the work in package and implement missions of any complexity, taking into account customer requests and meeting Construction rules and regulations (SNiP). Prior to commencement of work our specialists will consult you on all issues of interest, will assist you in choosing a concept of building, repair or restauration work, in selecting sound and tested materials, and will supervise progress of the project at all stages of construction.

Our company offers the following design services:

  • Architectural design of low-rise houses and country cottages.
  • Development of design of various facades and decorative elements of buildings.
  • Architectural design and interior design.
  • Development of remodelling plans for residential and non-residential premises.
  • Design of engineering networks (internal and external).
  • Design of electrical installation work.
  • Design approvals.
  • Field supervision.

Quality development of design documents will help to:

  • Promptly start construction work.
  • Avoid errors in the production process.
  • Perform work of high quality, in compliance with construction rules and regulations (SNiP).