Utility Systems

ASK OBLIK, Ltd is engaged in the design and installation of utility systems for industrial and civil buildings and facilities. The concept of utility systems comprises various systems ensuring vital activity of consumers. Utility systems are the assembly of structures and engineering networks directly used for heat supply, water supply, gas supply, wastewater disposal, and ventilation. Intelligent design solution is the assurance of effective and proper operation of the systems
To avoid errors, engineering networks should be designed by competent experts. Our specialists possessing vast experience in this sphere shall meet any challenges of designing and implementing utility systems for various projects.
We are using high tech equipment, specialized tools and innovative or time-tested engineering solutions allowing us to perform work with maximum reliability.
Ouu company's success is based on high standards of quality and faultless reputation.

Main Directions:

  • Water supply and sewerage systems.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Heating systems.
  • Inner and outer electric power supply systems.

Eventually, customer receives a high degree of comfort and reliability related to the facility operation in package with optimal cost, owing to intelligent design and high quality installation of utility systems.