Repair and finishing works

Coordinated team of ASK OBLIK OJSC specialists has for a long time and successfully been engaged in performing full scope of turn-key repair and finishing work on turn-key basis. Work done properly and to a good quality largely contributes to the appearance of premises, buildings and facilities. Repair and finishing operations package involve complicated high tech processes requiring expertize and skills, specialized tools and modern equipment. Specialists of our company posess a full range of knowledge and skills backed up by engineering infrastructure requred to perform the work successfully.
Properly done work will add to the attraction and high level of comfort of any premises, contributing to convenience of operation, and to interior and exterior aesthetics.

Repair and Finishing services:

  • Thorough overhaul of buildings and facilities (reconstruction, refurbishment, and bringing to initial state).
  • Thorough overhaul or redecoration of commercial property.
  • Thorough overhaul or redecoration of residentual property.

Sequence of Repair and Finishing Work:

  • Design (AS, SS, WSS, HVAC, PS, etc.).*
  • Disassembly work (disassembly of structures, equipment and flooring, cleaning working surfaces of various finishing materials, disassembly of wiring and plumbing, construction waste disposal, etc.).
  • Rough-in operations (reinforcenement of existing structures, installation of partitions, installation of ceilings, installation of engineering networks, layout of wiring, installation of distribution boards, surface plastering, laying levelling concrete, etc.).
  • Finishing operations (installation of flooring, doors and windows, painting, installation of sanitary equipment, lighting equipment, etc.).
  • General cleaning of premises.

High quality finishing work shall determine long life of premises, buildings and facilities providing comfortable conditions for permanent living or temporary stay.

*AS = Architechtural Solutions
WSS= Water Supply&Sewage
SS= Structural Scheme
HVAC= Heating, Ventilation&Air Conditioning
PS= Power Suppy