Electric Installation Work

Construction company ASK OBLIK offers a wide spectrum of various electric installation work wth the purpose of provision of power supply of varios destination facilities. We conduct installation of electric equipment and other electric installation work in manufacturing and storage facilities, office premises, outdoor concession stands, apartment buildings, country cottages, newly erected houses and in other housing, public and commercial structures.

Our employees have the required knowledge and long-term practical experience; they provide turn-key work; as a result, you are guaranteed sound results. Qualified specialists work in a well-orchestrated manner; they take correct decisions, they implement tasks of any complexity and they use modern materials, specialized tools and high tech equipment. Owing to required engineering resources and professionalism of our employees, your facility will be successfully realized and commissioned.

What electric installation work do we offer?

Electric Installation Work is a complex of special construction operations performed in the ptocess of building or facility construction during repair or reconstruction. They suggest installation of engineering networks providing electric power supply of certain users.
Our specialists offer you the following services related to electric installation work:

  • Preparation and diagnostic operations.
  • Development of design documentation.
  • Connection of various mechanisms (electric motors, sensors, meters, etc.).
  • Installation of inner and outer lines.
  • Installation of starting and protection equipment.
  • Connection of distribution panels and enclosures.
  • Installation of wall sockets, switches and lighting equipment.

What are the advantages of our company?

Our company offers electric installation services (Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions), on most beneficial terms and conditions, because:

  • Our specialists have all licenses and permits required to perform such work.
  • All safety rules are observed in the process of work, only modern electric equipment and tested materials of good quality are used.
  • Our company performs the full scope package of work related to connection of users to power supply source.

Company ASK OBLIK conducts electric installation work professionally and with guarantee of reliability to provide safe and convenient operation of buildings and facilities.
For additional information, please contact us by calling 8 (495) 775-65-99 or use the contact form.