Full Repair of Facades

Construction company ASK OBLIK offers a full range of services concerning installation and full repair of facades of buildings and facilities, country houses and cottages. The company will provide a broad array of services concerning development of architectural solutions, from making individual designs of country houses and cottages to developing design documents for the repair of facades of any buildings (residential buildings, office buildings and warehouse premises). We perform all the required works on a turn-key basis, and you receive an excellent result in the form of an object ready for operation.

Company ASK OBLIK possesses resources and production capabilities required for the implementation of various complexity projects. Competent company employees will successfully perform any tasks, owing to their professional experience and use of package solutions. Performing full repair of facades in Moscow, our company has developed and has successfully implemented multitude of diverse projects.

What kind of facade repair services do we offer?

The purpose of a full repair of a facade is to preserve aesthetically attractive look of the building and to protect it from negative ambient factors.
To obtain reliability and long service life, we use only modern and high quality building materials.
Full repair of a residential building facade is a labor consuming process, involving the following items:

  • Expert opinion of the object to obtain objective information on the facade condition.
  • Cosmetic and full repair of facades of buildings and various facilities.
  • Installation and reconstruction of facade's architectural decorative elements.
  • Brickwork restoration and repair of damage.
  • Treatment of walls with water repellent solutions (hydrophobisation).
  • Facade overcladding with decorative materials (marble, ceramic tiles, ornamental stone, etc.).
  • Repair of ventilated facades, reconstruction of cladding systems damaged in the process of use of the building.
  • Repair of roof drainage system (installation and repair of all types of storm downpipes and overflow systems, repair or replacement of canopies and window sill plates).
  • Opening warrant for ordered work.
  • Issuing a passport of color appearance.
  • Getting approval of building and structure facades.
  • Program of works (PoW).
  • Plan for Organization of Construction (POC).
  • Developing Technology solutions.

Competitive edge of our company:

Repairing building facades with ASK OBLIK, you get:

  • Integrated full repair of an apartment house or any other facility facade with a guaranteed highest quality of work.
  • Qualified specialists following rules and regulations, using modern innovative technological solutions and effective classic technique.
  • Observance of deadlines, and adherence to agreements.
  • Strict quality control at every stage of construction work excercised by competent employees of the company.
  • Individual approach to every client ordering full repair of a building facade or other services.
  • Implementation of projects of any complexity owing to vast experience of work in this sphere.
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation, taking into account your wishes and initiatives.
  • Best results in shortest lead time, owing to a wide infrastructure, modern equipment and professional tools, as well as experience and skills of company specialists.

Company ASK OBLIK guarantees a reliable result, because all work concerning full repair of a facade is conducted at the highest professional level.
You may order with us repair and finishing work at a facility of any complexity and receive an excellent result and a guarantee of quality.
For additional information, please contact us by calling 8 (495) 775-65-99 or use the contact form.