Reconstruction of Buildings and facilities

Construction company ASK OBLIK offers to perform reconstruction of buildings and facilities (reconstruction of commercial buildings and reconstruction of residential houses) aimed at improvement of their performance and economic parameters. Reconstruction and repair of buildings and facilities and reconstruction of building facades assumes a package of measures which will change the facility's purpose or will result in restoration work (restoring initial characteristics).
Specialists of ASK OBLIK will conduct comprehensive survey to find out condition of the facility; they will prepare design specifications and estimates based on the results of engineering opinion, submitting them for endorsement and approval; then, reconstruction of the building will be performed with a guarantee of a sound result.

What kind of building reconstruction services do we offer to our clients?

Reconstruction of buildings and facilities assumes changes made in the facility or its restoration which may affect: load bearing structures, annexes, additions, equipment systems, lofts and associated areas.
Also, reconstruction of residential houses and facilities (modernization) may involve replacing main utility systems (sewage, heating, ventilation, power supply, fire protection and security systems).
We conduct work in a package, and obtained results fully comply with Construction rules and regulations (SniP).

All work is divided into the following stages:

  • Diagnostic work, alowing us to determine the totality of problems intended to amend main technical and economic parameters of the structure. Estimation of hydrogeological conditions, terrain and soil conditions, state of surface and sub-surface structures, possibility of additiona loads and safe operation of the facility.
  • Development of design specifications and estimates.
  • Construction and assembly work.

Why is it beneficial to engage our company?

  • A full range of construction, repair, restoration and reconstruction services for various types of buildings.
  • Extensive experience (we conduct reconstruction of buildings in Moscow of any complexity level, on beneficial terms).
  • Integrated reconstruction of building facades, partial or complete facade reconstruction using innovative processes and quality materials.
  • Professionalism and competence in adopting comprehensive solutions, a guarantee of high quality of work.
  • Licenses required for the performance of such work.

ASK OBLIK guarantees that work will be conducted at a high professional level, providing reliable and comfortable operatopn of your facility.
For additional information, please contact us by calling 8 (495) 775-65-99 or use the contact form.